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Known as investment and collector pieces

Family-owned for five generations, the Hermes label is a symbol of class worldwide. Since Hermès began as a harness workshop in 1837, the company has gained a reputation for innovations in cutting leather, melding hardware, and employing only highly trained artisans to craft each Hermès handbag and piece. The Wall Street Journal compared the sale of Hermès articles with gold and the S&P 500 (the most important stock indexes in the United States) over the past 35 years, and the Hermès Birkin was the clear winner. Yearly, the iconic Birkin increases in value with an average of 15%.


Recognizable and undeniable

In 1983 Chanel was catapulted once more to the forefront of fashion under Karl Lagerfeld, who developed the brand into one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world. 

From a mainstay Chanel Bag such as the Classic Flap Bag in lambskin and caviar materials to rising stars in the Chanel Handbag collection such as the Boy Bag, there are a plethora of designs, styles, colours, and sizes to discover.

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Wearing a Rolex watch enables entry into a world of unlimited possibilities.

Rolex’s story began when founder Hans Wilsdorf created the first waterproof wristwatch – the Oyster – and developed into a range of timepieces that have become icons of watchmaking. Invented by Hans Wilsdorf, the Oyster Perpetual was brought to life thanks to the know-how of employees sharing a passion for excellence, innovation and improvement.


A benchmark of luxury leather goods

The work on the details, the quality of the materials and the exclusivity of the designs made the LV ‘Maison’, a living history of the last centuries, a benchmark of luxury leather goods.

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